Monday, April 23, 2007

My Favorite Kitchen Tool

I'm back. Sorry everyone, I had to take a week off. I was battling sickness, and then out of town for a funeral.

In one of my recipes for this week (Quesadillas) I mention a food chopper. Some of you may be quite familiar with the food chopper, but if not, here's a picture. Disclaimer: I got this picture off the Pampered Chef website, I did not take it myself :-)

This handy little food chopper is one of my all-time favorite kitchen tools. At one point I had two of them so there would always be a clean one for me to use. I use it to dice onions (my hands don't smell!) to dice cooked chicken (see quesadilla recipe) and to make my taco beef look just like Taco Bell's (the way taco meat should look, according to Mr. Dinner's on Me.) It also removes hard water stains from your kitchen sink. Not really, but it's almost that wonderful.

Pampered Chef is not the only place to find these. I've also seen them at other stores that sell kitchen supplies. Maybe hint to your hubbies that it would make a fabulous Mother's Day gift.

Post is over. I'm off to watch the much-anticipated Heroes. Have a great week everyone!

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Lee & Sharon said...

I have this chopper and love it.Never chop by hand any more.
Thanks for some new recipes. I am a kitchen tool fanatic. Love kitchen stores and pfaltzgraff.