Sunday, May 20, 2007

Girl's Gotta Grill!

This past week we had a grill full of chicken and vegetables fit for a crowd, and just as I went to turn everything over, we ran out of propane. Nice, huh? We quickly brought everything in and threw it into the oven. It turned out okay, but now my faith in our grill is wavering. I need to give it a second chance to prove itself, so I'm grilling dinner on both Monday and Tuesday this week.

For Tuesday's salmon, I have two recipes (see Week 12 Recipes) and I haven't decided yet which I'll use. Maybe both! I will try the Melon Salsa though - sounds quite refreshing.

Thursday's dinner is one I usually throw together with whatever veggies I have in the drawer. This time, I'll measure things and write it down in true recipe form and then post it later.

I've changed my "featured cookbook" for this week. It's Good Housekeeping's "Grill It!" I've had this book for a year or so and I have several recipes that I really like. All three recipes on my post this week are from this cookbook.

My question for this week: Who do you think will win American Idol?

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Brielle said...

I hope it's Blake but I think it will probably be Jordan..