Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Free Magazine

Who can pass up an opportunity to get a free magazine chock-full of recipes? I'm talking about the Kraft Food & Family magazine. It comes only quarterly, but there's always four or five new recipes to try in each issue. If you're not signed up for it yet, click HERE. My menu this week includes a recipe from the last issue. It's a new recipe for me, but the photo looks delicious!

Also new this week is a Pasta Primavera recipe. It's veggie-heavy (just for Alie!) but still has a yummy cream sauce. I haven't typed up the recipe yet though, because I want to make a few more changes to it. I'll post it on the Week 19 recipes link once I'm done with it.


Brielle said...

I get this magazine, Seeing it in my mailbox every couple months brightens my day!

Andy said...

I know, isn't it fun? I wish they would do an issue each month.