Friday, December 7, 2007

Lessons I've learned, part 1

This is what I learned this week - NEVER send a pregnant woman into Costco unsupervised. I know, it sounds like common sense to the rest of you, right? Well all I wanted was a Costco hot dog for lunch one day. (Please don't lecture me on the nitrates and preservatives - it was DELICIOUS, ok?) I walked in, purchased and ate my hot dog. Then I thought maybe there were a few things that we needed, so I grabbed a cart and walked around for a bit.

I walked out an hour later with a cart full of things we clearly DON'T need, but at the time I thought were important. Here's the list: a dozen huge muffins (that are each the size of a small planet), 30 frozen bean burritos, a box of grapefruit cups (why did I think that grapefruit in a cup would be yummy?) and the crown jewel of my cart? A tub of cookie dough, with enough dough to make 80 cookies. And what do you think I did when I got home from the store? Yes, I tore the seal off of that tub and dug in with my spoon.

My husband took my Costco card away from me when he got home that night.

**note: This cookie dough makes dang-good cookies, and you can keep it in the fridge or freezer. Also, Gav really didn't take my Costco card, that was a joke.

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Lee & Sharon said...

That's my girl - - love the cookie dough too.