Monday, April 14, 2008

If I See One More Steak....

So I have about 6 weeks of pregnancy left, and my iron levels keep dropping despite any effort I make. I'm now up to two iron pills each day, and as much red meat as I can manage (I refuse to eat liver, as any sane person would - sorry mom.) As you can see by this week's menu, I have scheduled 6 dinners that include beef and hopefully I can squeeze a few beef-laden lunches in there too. My next iron test is in 10 days and I am determined to have my numbers go UP instead of DOWN this time.

I apologize to my chicken-loving friends. I don't have much to offer you right now. Just know that I envy you.

Oh and for those of you wondering what the baby's nursery will look like, I'm thinking of a black and white cow-theme. Just kidding. You know, I bet this little boy will grow up to be a vegetarian. Ha ha.


Thriftin and Craftin said...

What an awesome blog. I'm going to use some of your meal plans. Dinner planning is always stressful, and your recipes look so good!

Andy said...

thriftin and craftin-
glad you found my blog. Funny enough, I just found yours yesterday too from a link off of crazy mom quilts. I'll make you a deal - you can copy my recipes and I'll copy your cute quilts :-)