Monday, March 29, 2010


Lunches are a challenge for me. Most days I’m satisfied with a simple turkey sandwich & a handful of carrots. Once in a while I’ll get all fancy-schmancy with a tuna sandwich or maybe even something as exotic as a salad. I know, right? I quickly get tired of the same ol’ fare though.

A week or so ago I was perusing an older Cooking Light and found this recipe for Thai Salad with Peanut Dressing. To my delight, I had all of the necessary ingredients for the dressing. It was quick to throw together (toss in the blender and process until smooth). Then I dug through my produce drawer to see what I could use in a salad. I found some romaine, baby carrots, a red pepper, and some snap peas. Ta-da! Lunch. See, there’s really no reason to settle for pb&j. Again.


Stephanie said...

Lunch is my hardest meal. I usually have leftovers from dinner the night before and my kids usually have something WAY too processed - Ramen noodles, boxed mac n' cheese, corn dogs, etc. I recently saw "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" and am all fired up to have more fresh foods in our house. I'm already pretty good with breakfast and dinner, but I REALLY need help with lunch. This salad sounds amazing and would certainly mix things up a bit. Thanks!

SLCFoodie said...

This salad looks delicious! I love adding peanut butter to just about anything.