Friday, November 5, 2010

Today’s Find

On my once-a-month trip through Costco today I spotted this:

Several years ago when we lived in California, Panera was one of our favorite lunch spots.  Alas, Panera has yet to open a location here in Utah.  This Broccoli Cheddar Soup was one of Mr. Dinner’s on Me’s favorites.  He’d order the soup in a bread bowl and if I wanted a taste I had to get it quick before it disappeared.

Once we returned to Utah, I had to find a way to satisfy our craving for this soup.  After doing some research online, I found a clone recipe – a pretty close clone too.

I was so excited to find this soup today (and I hope Costco starts carrying some of Panera’s other soups.)  I tried it tonight for dinner with some slices of crusty bread.  Oh so perfect for a fall dinner.

Now just a note:  I will always prefer to make my own food from scratch rather than buying pre-made stuff like this.  However, there are nights (we all have them, right?) where if I want a hot meal then pre-made soup is a great option!  The package came with two tubs, we ate one and froze one for another busy night.


cynthia said...

i am going to make this for dinner this week. maybe on monday when it is supposed to SNOW! either that, or buy it as costco like you suggest as well. :)

Carmelle said...

I personally prefer Tabatchnick soups -- they come frozen or in paper packaging (no BPA lined cans!) on shelf. GREAT varieties, fresh ingredients, and SUPER AFFORDABLE! Wish Costco carried them! Maybe we can start a campaign!

Mindy, Evan and Davis said...

looks so yummy, and by the way we have Panera here so when you come to visit we'll go out to lunch there.