Monday, July 2, 2012

Texas Sheet Cake

texas sheet cake 1

I’ve had my share of Texas Sheet Cakes.  There really are recipes everywhere for this sort of thing.  Most families have their favorite recipes.  I had one.  That recipe called for plenty of butter (both in the cake and in the frosting) and way too much sugar for anyone’s good.  A few months ago I found this recipe and tried it.  Really good.  Really.  Very.  Good.  Less sugar and less butter-great!.  The cake was still really sweet – almost too sweet.  I left out the nuts (kids don’t like ‘em) and we found that we didn’t use all of the frosting.  Instead we set the extra aside and used it as an ice cream topping.  Next time I’ll cut the sugar down and omit the cinnamon.

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Stephanie said...

I saw America's Test Kitchen make Texas Sheet Cake and I've been meaning to get the recipe and try it. Oh, but can it be as good as my grandmother's? I think I have her Texas Sheet Cake on a pedestal because of the childhood memories associated with it. I'm gonna' have to try my own hand at it one of these days - looks SO good.