Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lemon Fusilli

This recipe has been in my "recipes to test" binder for at least a year, maybe longer. To be honest with you, the lemon frightened me. No the I'm-going-to-pee-my-pants kind of fright, but the "uh, yeah that doesn't sound good to me" kind of fright. Well, my faithful blog readers, I have a message for you. Fear not the lemon! This stuff is amazing. It's creamy. It's fresh-tasting. It's delicious even the next day for lunch. Give it a shot. Here's the link. (Thanks again to Ina for another great recipe!)

(Oh by the way, I substituted baby spinach for the arugula. Thanks Kami for the tip!)


Robyn said...

I have to admit the lemon scared me too. I will have to find my inner strength and go for it. Thanks Andy.

cynthia said...

i've been looking at this recipe for years in my Barefoot cookbook but gasp at the amount of cream, not the amount of lemon zest. There can never be too much lemon in anything.