Tuesday, September 28, 2010

‘Tis the Season

Last Summer the peach surpassed the strawberry as my favorite fruit.  Blueberries made a quick trip to the best-seller list last spring, but then August came along and brought with her hundreds of lovely peaches.  I was so sad when peach season ended last year and so I was determined to make peachfest 2010 last as long as I could.  

So for the past week I have been canning some Lemon Elbertas. 


I had never canned peaches on my own before (I “helped” mom when I was younger, but I think that involved a lot of hiding, excuses and complaining more than anything else.)



My first batch was a little rough until I got a system down.  The last day I canned, I did an entire box (12 jars) in just over two hours.  That includes the 35 minute processing time.  Not bad.  Next up….canning applesauce. 

peaches 2


Lee and Sharon said...

Oh;, I remember those canning days too. lol
Your jars look beautiful. Good job daughter

Frieda said...

Hi! Just found you on the Hive....beautiful peaches! You also have some beautiful photos...I'm adding you to my reader and catching up on all your posts~