Monday, October 24, 2011

Oatmeal Peach Cobbler: rediscovery

oatmeal peach cobbler

I recently had a large box of peaches on my kitchen counter that needed to be eaten (they’re gone now…. and oh how I miss them.)  I flipped through some of my recipe notebooks and rediscovered this recipe for Oatmeal Peach Cobbler.  I had forgotten how much I loved it.  Especially when it is piping-hot from the oven. 

Now I have a large box of apples, and I’m wondering if an Oatmeal Apple Cobbler would be just as lovely.  hm…..


Stephanie said...

You'll have to let us know how the apple version turns out. I've got a big box of apples that need to be turned into dessert - what else do you do with apples?

Laura said...

I don't know how I found you, dear, but I am oh, so glad I did! (Your blog was mysteriously open in my browser!) Your pix look yummy, and I am a sucker for crisps of any kind, but especially peach. Can't wait to peruse your blog. Thanks for the recipe(s). I'll second the comment by Steph about apples - that's what I have a bunch of, now.

Recipes We Love said...

Love you blog. wish I could TASTE it ALL

Ann Kelly

Dee said...

This looks SO yummy. I have been working on a recipe for gluten free cobbler. I hope to perfect it soon! I just moved out to Utah and started my own food blog. I have been having fun browsing around other Utah foodie's blogs! It seems like a great group of people!