Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New Featured Cookbook

Today I added a new featured cookbook. I have heard a lot about the "101 Things" cookbook series so I checked one out from the library. It's a smaller book, but each recipe looks quick and simple to make. I've looked through the first half of the book and I already have 9 recipes marked for testing. I'll probably have a few of them included on my menu for next week!

Does anyone have some of the other "101 Things" cookbooks? Can you recommend any to us?


Lee & Sharon said...

No, but it looks like a good one to buy - - - or check out.

Lee & Sharon said...

I checked the library for the cookbook and it wasnt listed so I went to Barnes and they had the second one - "101 MORE things to do with a slow cooker."
I am browsing it to see how it is.
I am thinking this is a UTAH book because the publisher is from Layton. ??? It looks good so far.
Let you know later.

Stephanie said...

Hope you enjoy the book! I wrote 14 of the 101 Things books. I live in Tucson, but many of my co-authors live in Utah. I'll look forward to hearing what you think!