Friday, December 11, 2009

Virtual Cookie Exchange – Day 5!

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I thought for today’s post I would tell you a little more about the giveaway. First of all, the giveaway will close on Monday Dec 14th at Midnight (MST) I’ll post the winner Tuesday morning. So you still have time to either email me your favorite recipe or to add a link to our Mr. Linky. (The button above will take you to the post that has all of the details.)

Secondly, I finally have more photos of the apron!

Don’t worry – I haven’t been prancing around my house in your apron. I have my own that I prance around in. I just thought you would like to see what I meant by a criss-cross apron. The apples and pears are my favorite, but just in case you spill a lot (like me), the apron is reversible with red & white polka dots on the other side.

Now for the Better Homes & Gardens 100 Best Cookies magazine. I’ve talked a little about it, but it’s hard to do it justice when you can’t sit and flip through the pages and see all of the pretty photos. Yup – EVERY recipe has a gorgeous, mouth-watering photo to go with it.


There’s also lots of tips and tricks that go along with the recipes. Like this:

Ah – speaking of tips and tricks, you have to go and see what I found over here:


Pam has a whole bunch of tips on making holiday baking easier. Check out this post and this post. She also has links to the recipes for truffles, linzer cookie, brownies, shortbread….mmmmm. Oooh – and more cookies (and links to recipes) here too.

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Lee and Sharon said...

I just enjoy the cookie exchange moments. I check in every day and see what is new - - and by charlie today I see "you". What a pleasure and what a fun blog Andy.
Cute apron. I just made an apron and will post a picture soon.
I haven't had time to cook anything yet but hope to soon.