Monday, December 7, 2009

Virtual Cookie Exchange – day one!

A few weeks back there was talk of doing a cookie exchange with the amazing women in our ward. It was cancelled soon after however, but I really liked the idea. So I decided to do a virtual cookie exchange to help us all find just the right recipes for our Holiday baking extravaganzas. (Am I the only one who does a LOT of baking in December??) Here’s how the cookie exchange will work.

Each day this week, I will feature a new cookie recipe – either one of my own that I’ve tried out (and loved) or one that I’ve found from other yummy blogs. Next week (Monday Dec 14th) we’ll have a cookie-baking related giveaway!

To be eligible for the giveaway, simply participate in our cookie exchange. Here’s how:

Find your favorite cookie recipe. There are three ways you can share it with us (you only have to do ONE!)

1. Is the recipe on your blog? Great – use the Mr.Linky below so we can all go and see! Please link to the specific post. Be sure to add a cookie exchange button to your post. (grab it from my sidebar)

2. Is your favorite cookie recipe located somewhere else on the web? Then comment on this post and add a link to the recipe. Don’t forget to tell us why you like it.

3. Is your favorite recipe on a worn out card stuck in a recipe file somewhere? You can send it in an email to me (dinnersonme(at) gmail (dot) com) and I’ll add it to a post later this week. (I’ll give proper credit to any recipes or photos that are sent.) This would be a good option for those of who who DO have blogs, but wish to keep them private – which I totally understand.

If none of the above options work for you, but you still wish to participate, please email me. I don’t wish to exclude anyone – we’ll find a way to work it out. Also, don’t worry if your favorite cookie is a common one (chocolate chip perhaps?) or a more unusual recipe (gluten-free fortune cookies, maybe?). Share it with us! This is not a contest to show of the most amazing cookie, but a way to share all of our favorites. The giveaway winner will be chosen randomly from the group of people that participate.

Now for what you really want to know! Here’s what’s included in the giveaway:

A criss-cross apron made by yours truly. I have one of my own and I LOVE that the straps cross in back. When I wear my usual apron, the neck strap starts to bug me after about 20 minutes and I just take it off. So I designed this one with straps that cross in the back and then can either tie in back or wrap around and tie in front. It’s also reversible – pears and apples in the front and a nice Christmasy red dot on back.

The giveaway winner will also receive their own copy of this magazine. Remember how I came to purchase my own copy? Well, I’m keeping that one – you get your own (un-ripped) copy. I’ve used mine so much lately that there’s another ripped page, several of the pages are earmarked, and a few recipes have notes scribbled on them.

Also included in the giveaway is one of these: A Good Grips Small Cookie Scoop. As I previously mentioned – I LOVE mine. LOVE.

Just to be clear, the OXO company and the Better Homes and Gardens people have neither given me or paid me for my opinion of their products. They are just that – my opinions of two things that I happen to love, and want to share with one lucky Dinner’s on Me reader!

Now here’s the Mr. Linky!

What’s your favorite cookie recipe?


The Things We Do said...

can we post more than one?

Stephanie said...

Just made a post on my blog ( about my favorite cookie and your Cookie Exchange. I'm looking forward to finding and trying a new cookie recipe.

Jenny said...

I just linked to my favorite cookie recipe on my blog -- Chocolate Frosted Marshmallow Cookies.

Andy said...

Feel free to add more than one cookie recipe - thanks for asking!

cynthia said...

i just linked my molasses spice cookies. i've been making them for 5 years now. LOVE them. can't go wrong with cook's illustrated recipe.

Andrea said...

I just posted the Pillsbury Reindeer Cookies... I started making these a few years ago for my husband's unit Christmas party and they are always a hit... so cute and so easy to make. Great for a working mom with younger kids (who are great helpers decorating). Easily made with homemade sugar cookie recipes :)

aubrie said...

Hi Andy. I just posted a link to my favorite super-soft sugar cookies. They are perfectly soft and chewy, and I can't wait to make them again this Christmas!

Frieda said...

Andy, so nice to meet you through the Hive! Welcome ~ My family has a fave that is linked to my blog. Super Soft Sugar Cookies. Come on over and check it was even featured in the SLTrib this past Sunday...

jen said...

welcome to the hive! my favorite are any cookie, but i can't get enough of these andes mint cookies. i love mint and chocolate.

Robyn said...

I love some of the America's Test Kitchen recipes! Here is one I like on Chocolate Chip cookies. They are called "Big and Chewy Low-Fat Chocolate Chip Cookies", they are yummy and do cut down on the calories and fat without loosing any flavor by using some date puree to cut down on butter and browning the butter you can cut down on the amount of chocolate chips. Yum, yum (without all of it going to my hips)!!!!

Anonymous said...

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