Sunday, December 13, 2009

Virtual Cookie Exchange – Day 7!

A few weeks ago I had a hankerin’ for some Blondies. A quick search led me to Kim’s blog: Lovin’ From The Oven


where I found this recipe for Chewy, Chunky Blondies. The recipe is originally found in Dorie Greenspan’s book: Baking, From My Home to Yours. Does anyone else own this gem? Mr Dinner’s on Me gave it to me last year for Christmas and I sing it’s praises every time I use it. Really – nothing I’ve made from the book has failed. These Chewy, Chunky Blondies did not disappoint either. They were exactly what I love about Blondies – plenty of chocolate, a good amount of crunchy nuts, and a nice chewy-gooeyness in the middle.

The recipe calls for chocolate chips AND butterscotch chips so on my next trip to the grocery store I hit the aisle where the baking goodies are (I swear I can hear angels singing when I go down this aisle!). I grabbed the butterscotch chips and spied these too -

The Cinnamon Chips made me curious. My thought was that they’d be killer in some Oatmeal cookies. The Mint Chocolate Chips are destined to be added to this recipe: Fudge Ecstasies. I’ve seen mint chips before, but they’ve always been bright green and were a straight mint flavor – too much for me. I like that these look like regular chocolate chips and have a more subtle mint taste.

Has anyone tried either the Cinnamon Chips or Mint Chocolate chips, and what did you think??


Lisa said...

Cinnamon chips are killer in pumpkin muffins. I have a friend who buys them in bulk and swears by them!

Jewelle said...

Cinnamon chips are the best! Count your blessings that you found them at your store. Many areas in the US don't carry them. I stocked up right before moving to an area that doesn't carry them. I'm on my last bag :( I'm betting they would be great in Oatmeal. I have a great recipe from Country Woman called Cinnamon Chippers that I use them for.

Stephanie said...

I used to get Nestle's mint chocolate chips, but I think the stores only carried them for the holidays. I make mint chocolate truffles every year, and these were my mainstay. I was VERY sad one year to discover that Nestle did not make them anymore. How was I supposed to make mint chocolate truffles without them? I saw the bright green mint chips and since I was just going to melt them down, I decided to try mixing the mint and semi-sweet chips together, which worked, but the truffles were a litte softer than usual due to the green, mint chips being a softer chip. I did not know that Hershey's made a mint chocolate chip - have not tried those - but, Nestle's were pretty good.

Andy said...

Jewelle - I had no idea they were a hard-to-find item! Will you email me the Cinnamon Chippers recipe??

Lisa - thanks for the tip. Next time I make pumkin ANYTHING, I'm throwing in some of the cinnamon chips!

Stephanie - I've never made truffles. Are they too awfully difficult?

aubrie said...

The cinnamon chips are fantastic in banana bread or banana muffins, as well as pumpkin bread!