Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My New Love

I love, love, love steel cut oatmeal….. in the winter. During the summer it’s a challenge for me to invest that much time into breakfast prep. Honestly, I am normally allotted about 7.5 minutes to make and eat breakfast then my kids are off an running, ready for whatever is next. Occasionally I’ll make a quick bowl of instant oatmeal (this is my current favorite – yum!)


But lately our breakfasts have been date bran muffins and a smoothie. More on the muffins later – this post is about the smoothie. I know I did a post ages ago with some of our family’s favorite smoothie recipes, but for this new concoction I don’t really have a recipe. Usually I just make enough for myself, and I use whatever fresh fruit & yogurt I have in the fridge. Here is what I do to create my favorite: Peach-Strawberry.

Throw into the blender:

4-5 ice cubes

3-4 Tbsp plain yogurt (lowfat, nonfat, greek….doesn’t matter)

7-10 strawberries

1 peach (skins and all – just remove the pit)

blend & enjoy! If the strawberries are lacking sweetness, sometimes I’ll add a bit of apple juice or white grape juice

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