Sunday, June 24, 2007

Oooooo....Strawberry Pie!

So, funny story... I sat down at my computer last night to edit my strawberry pie photos. I opened them all up in Photoshop, and after about 30 seconds of drooling on my desk, I had to get up to get myself a slice of pie to eat while I edited the photos. Talk about weak-willed!

Before I tried this recipe, I was not a big fan of strawberry pie. This gem of a recipe changed my opinion though. You've got to try it!

Ione's Strawberry Pie
Shared by Robyn Knowlton
(belonged to her Grandma, Ione Good)

1 qt cleaned strawberries (2 boxes)
1 cup sugar
3 Tablespoons cornstarch
one 8" pie shell

Slice 1/2 of the berries in at 8" baked pie shell. Mash other half of berries and add 1 cup sugar and 3 Tablespoons cornstarch. Bring to a boil on medium heat. Cook until thickened, about 5-7 minutes. Cool and pour over berries in baked pie shell. Chill in refrigerator and top with whipped cream or ice cream.

note: Bonnie's suggestion for this recipe is to first cook the mashed strawberries, cool them, and then stir in the sliced strawberries so the sauce can cover them well. Then pour that mixture into the crust. I tried it this last time and it worked great!

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