Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sorry Ladies!

I apologize. This is a boring ol' non-photographed post. My camera is currently 3 hours away at scout camp. For a touch of eye-candy, I'll change the font color. There. How's that?

All I really wanted to say tonight, is check out this link. It's a quick little article about how it is possible to walk into a store needing just a loaf of bread, and walk out with a case of green beans, orange sherbet and one Jiffy Muffin Mix. (Those little blue Jiffy boxes get me every time!) Some of the things in the article might be common sense to you, but it's always good for a reminder, right?

So here's my tip for you: create a weekly menu, make your grocery list from that, and don't deviate from either.

Link to article

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