Sunday, June 3, 2007

Summerfest is Finally Here!

One of our favorite weekends of the year is finally here! We missed Summerfest last year so we are doubly-excited for this year. Parade, fireworks & gas-inducing food here we come!

I found a fun recipe this week that I am going to try out on Tuesday. It's a recipe for Corn Dog Muffins and some reviewers were convinced they tasted just like corn dogs. I've paired it on my menu with a new salad that uses a unique combination of flavors. I found the Roasted Corn and Apple Salad on another recipe blog as I was surfing one night.

Alie - I found these two salad recipes (both on the menu this week) that use different fruits and veggies. I've also asked a friend at church for some of her favorite recipes so more are on their way. Any of you other readers that have favorite recipes incorporating plenty of veggies please pass them on to us! Happy Cooking!

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Anonymous said...

Perfect, thanks -Alie