Sunday, September 23, 2007

Week 30 !!!

I'm on a roll! This blog is great for me - it makes me create a menu and (mostly) stick to it each week. I'm now going on 30 weeks of menus! It's not that I didn't create menus before I did this blog, but my menus were on paper, taped to my fridge. And I didn't have friends and family aware of what I was eating and asking me questions about it. I'm curious how many of you readers create a weekly menu too. I think I'll create a poll for you all so I can find out!

Now for my menu this week. I apologize that I don't have recipes to post yet for the stew, fajitas and baked penne. These are dishes that I create by throwing stuff together. As I make them this week, I'll write down what I do and then post it. The stew "recipe" is actually one that my mother-in-law makes, and she also just throws it all together. She once told me, in general terms, how she makes her version and then I tried it myself. It's fairly simple, and delicious.

You may have noticed that we are having Lime Chicken Soft Tacos again next Sunday. We had them yesterday for dinner and we LOVED them. (That was my first time trying that particular recipe.) Next week we will try tossing everything in the crock pot while we're at church so then all we have to do is cook up some tortillas and we'll be ready to eat.

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