Monday, July 21, 2008

Fiesta Rice

Last year I bought a Cooking Light magazine at the grocery store (can I just tell you what a sucker I am for any cooking magazine that is displayed near the check out counters??). I had looked through it, ripped out the recipes that looked promising and then stuffed them into the back of my recipe binder. I recently cleaned my binder out (a yearly event) and discovered this little gem. It's another wonderful summer recipe, and was perfect with our grilled quesadillas.

I didn't make any changes to the recipe (oh, except I used white rice because I didn't have any brown on hand) so I'll just give you all the link instead of re-typing it here. I wouldn't recommend skipping the toasting of the corn to save time. The toasting adds a nice flavor. Also, I served lime wedges on the side so people could add lime juice if they wanted. I loved the lime flavor, but hubby didn't.

Fiesta Rice from Cooking Light magazine


John said...

Toast the corn...a likely story, toasters don't have slots that small.

Cara said...

Love your blog! It is helping me get out of a dinner rut...
Tried this Fiesta Rice receipe this weekend and my family loved it! There was a ton of leftovers..

Andy said...

Thank you Cara! I hate those dinner ruts too. I'm glad you liked the rice. I had about 1 cup of leftovers on the second day, so I warmed it up and wrapped it in a tortilla with a bit of cheese. It was the perfect quick lunch.