Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Official Debut of the Yo-Yo

Dear Dinner's On Me readers,

May I officially introduce to you one of my favorite menu options: The Yo-Yo Dinner. It's perfect for those days when you have 5,000 things going on, and only half of the family is actually hungry at dinner time. When said hungry family members come to you and ask, "so what's for dinner?" You look them straight in the eye and say, "YO on YO own." Cold cereal for dinner? No problem. A burrito & a banana? No problem. Tonight's version of yo-yo dinner was leftover mac & cheese for my son, and for me it was a piece of bread, one plum and a very refreshing snow cone.

Feel free to add the Yo-Yo Dinner to your menu repertoire. You're welcome. :-)


Mindy & Evan said...

I am so glad this concept has an official name! Thank you, I will use it :-)

Cara said...

That is so funny! I love your name for this...I am going to have to add this to my vocabulary.